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Safe driving is the responsibility of each and every driver on the road.


When an individual gets behind the wheel, they have a duty to operate their vehicle carefully and mindfully. Failure to do so could result in serious injury in themselves and others. If you have fallen victim to a careless driver on the road, it is imperative that you contact an auto accident lawyer at Bellisario Law.

Working with an experienced car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, you have a significantly higher likelihood that you will recover financial compensation from the liable parties and insurance companies for the injuries you have suffered and the property damage that you have sustained because of your accident. Working with an attorney like Bellisario Law allows you to focus on what is important — making your best possible recovery so that you can get your life back on track after your automobile accident.


Experienced Las Vegas Accident Attorney


Our car accident lawyers in Las Vegas are knowledgeable with all varieties of vehicular accidents and are prepared to assist you in your claim against the at-fault party. We understand how impactful an automobile accident can be to you and your family, both physically and emotionally.

Despite the risks drivers have been warned about, people continue to make poor choices when on the road. There are countless possibilities when it comes to frivolous driving that can result in an automobile injury and Bellisario Law is ready to support you if you should happen to suffer through any of the following auto accident situations.



Speed limits are specifically posted to keep drivers and their passengers safe and when someone disobeys the speed limit, catastrophe can occur.

Drunk Driving

Alcohol is a privilege too many people take advantage of. When someone gets behind the wheel intoxicated, they are putting several lives in danger. This behavior is inexcusable and the guilty party should be punished as a consequence of the actions.

Drug Impairment

Drug impairment is another inexcusable behavior that can be completely avoided. No one should be operating a motor vehicle if they are not fully prepared to be attentive to their surroundings. Drug impairment is not limited to illegal drugs: use of prescription drugs that make individuals tired or drowsy can also make that driver liable for the injuries they cause.

Distracted Driving

Being distracted while driving is negligent because there should be nothing taking attention away from the road. Unfortunately, people have put their cell phones as priority over the safety of others, therefore resulting in countless injuries and deaths.

Aggressive Driving

Driving aggressively can cloud an individual’s common sense, leading to decisions being made based off anger and frustration.


There is no doubt that our lives can be tiring when we are constantly trying to juggle between work and family life and various other complications. However, driving while fatigued can impair one’s judgment when driving a vehicle and lead to poor decision making and delayed reaction reflexes.

If an injury has occurred to you or a loved one because of another’s inconsideration involving one or more of the incidents listed on this page, our car accident attorneys at Bellisario Law will represent you until you have been rightfully compensated. The outcome of these incidents can vary in many ways too. There are several types of motor vehicle accidents that can occur and our car accident attorneys are experienced to assist you with your individual case.

Rear End

The driver of a vehicle is required to leave adequate space between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. When this responsibility is neglected, it can lead to a rear-end collision.

Side Impact

Side impact accidents can occur frequently in intersections when the at-fault party runs a red light or a stop sign and “T-bones” another vehicle. Other instances of side impact collisions can be caused by illegal left turns and vehicular side swiping from either distraction or unlawful lane changes.

Head On

Many head-on collisions are the result of drunk or impaired driving, fatigued driving, and distracted driving.

Hit And Run

Hit and run accidents can affect pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles. If the guilty party has fled the scene, you can still receive help from our auto accident attorneys in Las Vegas. Bellisario Law can assist in finding the negligent driver and recover your losses.

Road Construction Accidents

Road construction collisions can occur from angry and aggressive drivers or drivers who are confused and unfamiliar with road detours and alternate routes.

Our auto accident attorneys in Las Vegas, Nevada know that a vehicular accident can have an enormous impact on your life. Bellisario Law is sympathetic to your emotional and physical grievances. We won’t brush you off as just another client. The accident lawyers of Bellisario Law will investigate all avenues of your claim so you can benefit from financial recovery.

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